Little change, huge impact


Welcome back, this time I am going to talk about perseverance. It is a very powerful tool that can change your life.

For example you do 10 push-ups per day in one year you gather 3650 push-ups, but if you do 50 you have 1550 a month,

the chances are that you may give up after one or two months. It’s not good to want to much from the beginning, just if you have a lot of will power.

So my lesson was that you can go big just with a few. A little stream in 1000 year can result the next great canyon.

The idea is to start with little good habits like reading a book per month or even faster, meditate once a week,

do a strech every morning, have 10 minutes before sleep and replay/reflect one what went good and bad that day.

Here are two videos:

Perseverance = Patience = Strength

What do you think? Write me your point of view or if you have any questions.

Have a great day and don’t forget ONE BRICK per day !

By the way I am very happy that I can share stuff with all of ya 🙂


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